The smallest instrument in the violin family, the violin is a bowed string instrument that we find in a variety of settings. We find several of them in orchestras, we can hear them accompanied by a piano or other instruments, but we also find them in jazz and folk music. Violin lessons are particularly popular because children can start taking them as early as 3 years old.

A Variety of Sizes

Violins come in different sizes so that as children develop, they can simply switch to a bigger instrument. The largest violin is the 4/4 and is suitable for children ages 11 and above. Other popular sizes include the 3/4, 1/2, and 1/4, for students ages 9–11, 6–9, and 4–9 respectively. Smaller instruments are available as well. Get in touch with us if you have any questions. For your convenience, we also offer instrument rentals. We hand-pick instruments for your complete peace of mind and make the rental process incredibly simple. Find out more about our rental program here.

Why Take Violin Lessons

Violin lessons are also a great investment, since they open up a variety of paths. As they grow older, students can join ensembles or orchestras. String quartets are an incredible way to stay in touch with music, even if one decides not to do it professionally. Violin teachers are also in big demand. Teaching this instrument is the perfect way to earn some extra money while in college. Finally, the ability to take the instrument with you wherever you go is just fantastic.

Enrich Your Experience

Music School 21 is also intensively preparing its new project, Audition Recordings. Audition Recordings provides accompaniment recordings for vocalists and instrumentalists. With them, you will be able to practice your pieces and perform them in recitals. It’s like having a professional pianist at your disposal 24/7. Find out more about Audition Recordings here.

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