I condemn the invasion of Ukraine; in the 21st century, there is simply no justification for invading a sovereign country, just as there is no argument that justifies harming innocent children, women, and men. Leaders who only seek to sow conflict and hatred, desperately trying to shroud it as an indispensable course of action, are a remnant of the past, which does not reflect the values of today’s society—one that is more than capable of thriving without obsolete and misguided ideals, proving the superfluity of the roles that these so-called leaders inexplicably still occupy.

Music is a complex and powerful force, which encapsules everything that this act of war is not—indiscriminate collaboration with and respect for one another, which should be extended to everyone, regardless of nationality, race, gender, as well as political, ideological, or religious beliefs. It is an artform that transcends borders and conflict, while preserving and cherishing everyone’s individuality. Such actions can never threaten the advancement of the arts, but should nonetheless not be ignored. Chevy Chase Music and Music School 21 stand with the victims of this cruel war and all artists, as well as everyone else who shares our love of music.

In solidarity with Ukraine,

Rok Palcic

CEO, Music School 21