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An overview of our current and future products and services.

New Course!

Music FUNdamentals

Ages 7+

Price: $99.99 $39.99 (Early Adopters)

Our revolutionary online course covers some of the key fundamentals of music theory in a fun and engaging way. Music is essentially a language, which means that anyone can learn it, regardless of age or level. Our dynamic duo, Ally and Pally present all concepts in a way that will certainly appeal to young beginners, but older ones will find them delightful, too!

This course is aimed at students who are at the beginning of their learning path, but also more advanced students who feel like they might benefit from revising certain topics.

Furthermore, this theory fundamentals course perfectly complements private instrumental or vocal lessons.


Podcast Series

Future Musicians

This insightful podcast series, created by Music School 21 CEO Rok Palcic, features topical debates, stories, conversations with guest artists and fellow colleagues, as well as some delightful music.

Mainly intended for teachers and parents, this podcast was created to address some of the most asked questions that parents and teachers face on a daily basis. Dr. Palcic’s over 15 years of teaching, as well as 10 years of arts management experience helps him answer most of them, providing a valuable resource for those who want to take an active role in supporting their young ones.

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Courses (Coming Soon)

Music Theory Online

Multiple Levels

Ages 10+

Coming Soon

This comprehensive theory fundamentals course is tailored for those students who are looking to gain a thorough understanding of the way that music is conceived, notated, and interpretated.

It is ideal for students aged 10–18, from beginners to college freshmen and sophomores. For younger students, we strongly recommend completing the Music FUNdamentals course first.


Introduction to Piano

Ages 5–12

Coming Soon

This course was designed as a preliminary introduction to the fantastic and broad world of pianism. While we believe that there is simply no substitute for private instruction, this course serve an important purpose, as it introduces fundamental concepts that students will deal with during the first three years of their instruction.

No prior knowledge is required. Ideally suited for beginners and intermediate students.

Method Books (Coming Soon)

Piano School 21

Levels: Beginner (1) / Intermediate (2–4) / Advanced (5–6)

Coming Soon

A revolutionary method book, which emphasizes the importance of learning music notation and interpreting it correctly. It is revolutionary because it employs the metronome staff that helps students understand how notes fit into the rhythmic context of each piece or exercise.