Piano Lessons in Vienna VA

In-home piano lessons in Vienna VA.

If you are looking for piano lessons in Vienna, VA or its surroundings, do not miss the opportunity to study with some of the finest musicians in the area!

Our unique curriculum combines established practices in music education and contemporary techniques. Our philosophy focuses on the individual needs of each student, tailoring lesson plans to maximize their productivity while keeping them engaged and joyful throughout the process.

Piano Lessons in Vienna VA

A Goal-Oriented Approach

Practicing for the sake of practicing bears limited results. Moreover, such an approach is often off-putting. In order to ensure a steady progress, the key is to keep students engaged and motivated. However, how do we get them interested enough to keep them practicing between lessons? A good start is setting clear expectations. Students should always know what they need to achieve on a daily basis. While there certainly is a correlation between time spent behind an instrument and results, a goal-oriented approach is just as important. What’s even more important, it saves time and makes practice sessions more intensive and effective.

A Blend of Established and Contemporary Practices

Music is, for all intents and purposes, a language. Notes, expressive markings, the musical staff onto which all of them are written, harmonic structure, formal constructs, performance practices, semantics are just a few aspects of this immense world that educators have devoted their lives to studying and teaching. Each one oof our curricula has been based on the most effective methods that teachers have been using for centuries. At the same time, we realize that the needs of today’s students have changed considerably since the advent of music instruction. This lead us to develop a unique curriculum, focused around students’ goals and needs.

Exceptional Teachers

Our faculty has been carefully selected to include only the most experienced, kind, and nurturing teachers from the most selective graduate programs in the region. All of our teachers have years of experience with students of all ages and levels and advanced degrees in music education, theory, or performance. This way, you can be certain that you are in good hands.

In-Home, Online, and Hybrid Piano Lessons in Vienna VA

Chevy Chase Music LLC has established an impeccable track record providing both in-home and online lessons throughout the DC metropolitan area. Music School 21 was created to cater to the needs of the communities of Northern Virginia. If you are looking for piano lessons in Vienna VA, there are several options that we have for you:

In Home Piano Lessons

If your schedule does not allow you to physically take your children to a nearby music school, or you simply prefer the comfort of your own home, in home piano lessons are the right choice for you. One of our teachers comes directly to your home, eliminating the trouble of the commute and waiting around for lessons to end.

Online Piano Lessons

Following the breakout of the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020, the demand for online music lessons has skyrocketed. However, online lessons have been around for years. All of our teachers are proficient in remote teaching techniques and will be able to guide you so you can get the most out of the experience.

During the school years 2020 and 2021, as we transitioned to an online-only dynamic, we have been monitoring the progress of our students closely. The results were overwhelmingly positive, proving that online piano lessons are not only effective, but in most case just as effective as in-person ones. Moreover, online lessons are easier to schedule and a viable option for lesson make-ups.

If you would like to find out more about online piano lessons, we invite you to consult the following articles:

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Hybrid Piano Lessons

For those who would like a bit of added flexibility, we offer hybrid options. Please get in touch with us in case you are interested!

Rok Palcic, Piano Lessons in Vienna VA

Rok Palcic, DMA

CEO, Music School 21 LLC and Piano Teacher


  • BM and MM in Piano Performance, Cologne University of Music (2009)
  • MA in Chamber Music (Piano Trio), University of Music and Performing Arts Graz (2012)
  • MM in Piano Performance, University of Florida (2015)
  • DMA in Piano Performance, University of Maryland (2020)

Dr. Rok Palcic, the founder and CEO of Chevy Chase Music LLC and Music School 21 LLC, is first and foremost a pianist. After moving to Virginia from Maryland, he created Music School 21 in order to cater to families in his new community.