Music FUNdamentals

Online Music Theory Course for Beginners

  • Ages 7+
  • Flexible Start Date
  • 30-45 Minutes Per Week
  • 12 Weeks

Price: $39

From the creators of Chevy Chase Music and Audition Recordings, we are proud to present a revolutionary video course in music theory, Music FUNdamentals! The ideal online music theory course for beginners and perfect complement to private lessons. This whimsical introduction to music theory fundamentals is ideal for complete beginners, but also dvanced students, both instrumentalists and vocalists, who want to gain a thorough understanding of music theory fundamentals in a fun and engaging way.

We keep adding additional content to our Youtube channel periodically.

Comprehensive Lessons

Music education has changed drastically over the past decade. Our philosophy is to take established practices in music education and adapt them to the needs of today’s studnts. Our Music FUNdamentals course consists of several comprehensive, yet easy-to-follow lessons. Larger topics are broken into several parts to ease understanding.

Animated Videos

The characters Ally and Pally deliver the content in a fun and engaging way, which appeals to both children and young adults. Our videos are beautifully animated and can be streamed from any device with an internet connection.

Videos are dubbed for a more user-friendly experience.

Lesson Assignments

Lessons introducetopics, but since concepts are numerous and relate to each other, it is important to reinforce them and use them in a practical setting. Assignments will make sure that students truly grasp the material and are able to use their knowledge in subsequent lessons.

Check the progress with your studio teacher and discuss it during lessons. You will see the improvement right away!

Quizzes and Exam

Even though this course might seem concise, it is truly information-packed. While assignments accompany each lessons, several quizzes ensure that students check their knowledge periodically.

A final exam includes questions from all lessons.

Learning Outcomes

  • Beat and Pulse
    • Introducing the beat, pulse, and basic note values that we use to create various rhythmical patterns.
  • The Musical Staff
    • The foundation of notated music, the musical staff, is something that every music student should master as soon as possible.
  • Intervals
    • The distance between notes is measured in intervals.
  • Accidentals
    • Accidentals symbolize altered notes, notes that do not belong to a given scale.
  • Scales
    • Scales are the essence of tonal music. They are groups of pitches, or notes, that we use to compose musical pieces.
  • Time Signatures
    • For the sake of clarity, notes are grouped together into measures. Time signatures, among other things, define how many beats measures contain.
  • Key Signatures
    • Scales and key signatures are closely related. The latter appear at the beginning of musical pieces to let us know which key a piece is written in.
  • Chords
    • Chords are groups of 3 or more notes. In this course, we explore the most commonly used ones.
  • Rests
    • Notes make up the bulk of music, but silences exist, too!
  • Expression Markings
    • Notes might tell us the pitch and duration of the note, but they don’t tell us how we should play them. This is where expression markings come in.
  • Beat Subdivision
    • The very first lesson was focused on simple note values. In this one, students learn to subdivide beats.
  • Musical Phrases
    • In the final lesson of this online music theory course for beginners, we combine all the knowledge to create musical phrases and analyze one of the most popular melodies ever written.