New Course!

Ear Training with Alexandra

Alexandra Flinn-Palcic, Voice

Ages 8–12

Start Date: April 1, 2022

Price: $250 (for 8 classes)

Ear training is something that is often neglected, mostly because their weekly lessons are simply too short to truly implement it. Fortunately, “Ear Training with Alexandra” is the answer to this problem! Over the course of 8 weeks, students will have a chance to practice and reinforce musical concepts in a fun and engaging way, building on what they might have brushed upon with their studio teacher.

New Course!

Introduction to Songwriting

Rok Palcic, CEO and Piano Instructor

Ages 9–14

Start Date: April 1, 2022

Price: $250 (for 8 classes)

Music composition is often seen as an advanced subject, out of the reach of most children; however, with the right approach, everyone can learn the basics of music notation and write their first song—we should not forget that Mozart was already composing at the age of 5! Songwriting is an excellent introduction to the world of composition, and over the course of 8 weeks, students will learn to write simple melodies, create lyrics, and set them to music.

Singing Companion™

Singing Companion Ear Training Practice Course

Ages 12+

Price: $0 (Open Beta)

Developed in collaboration with the University of Maryland School of Music, this series of exercises and listening examples provides a solid foundation for anyone who strives to get started with their ear training and improve their aural skills.

The open beta version is currently under development, with new content being added periodically. Please feel free to sign up for free and enjoy this product free of charge for a limited time!

Music FUNdamentals

online music courses

Ages 7+

Price: $39

The first of our online music courses, Music FUNdamentals covers some of the key fundamentals of music theory in a fun and engaging way. Music is essentially a language, which means that anyone can learn it, regardless of age or level. Our dynamic duo, Ally and Pally present all concepts in a way that will certainly appeal to young beginners, but older ones will find them delightful, too!

This Music FUNdamentals course is aimed at students who are at the beginning of their learning path, but also more advanced students who feel like they might benefit from revising certain topics. No prior knowledge is required, and the course can be finished comfortably over the course of 12 weeks.

Furthermore, this theory fundamentals course perfectly complements private instrumental or vocal lessons.


Online Music Courses (Coming Soon)

We are constantly developing new content, including online music courses, group classes, performance opportunities, and learning platforms. Please join our newsletter to stay up to date with our developments.

Music Theory Online

Multiple Levels

Ages 10+

Coming Soon

This comprehensive theory fundamentals course is tailored for those students who are looking to gain a thorough understanding of the way that music is conceived, notated, and interpretated.

It is ideal for students aged 10–18, from beginners to college freshmen and sophomores. For younger students, we strongly recommend completing the Music FUNdamentals course first.

This course is currently being developed by our amazing teachers and staff!


Introduction to Piano

Ages 5–12

Coming Soon

This course was designed as an introduction to the fantastic world of pianism. While we believe that there is simply no substitute for private instruction, this course serves an important purpose, as it introduces fundamental concepts that students will deal with during the first years of their instruction.

No prior knowledge is required. Ideally suited for beginners and intermediate students.

We are hopeful that we will be able to launch this course soon together with a ton of supplemental materials available at no additional cost on our Youtube channel.

Method Books (Coming Soon)

While online music lessons and courses are our primary focus, we value traditional forms of instruction. Whether you attend lessons in-person or online, we maintain that physical method books are still better suited for instruction than electronic scores. While the latter might be ideal for advanced students and even professionals, print books are the better choice for beginners and younger students in general.

Piano School 21

Levels: Beginner (1) / Intermediate (2–4) / Advanced (5–6)

Coming Soon

A revolutionary method book, which emphasizes the importance of learning music notation and interpreting it correctly. It is revolutionary because it employs the metronome staff that helps students understand how notes fit into the rhythmic context of each piece or exercise.

Featured projects

Audition Recordings

High quality accompaniment recordings for singers and instrumentalists recorded by real musicians. We use the latest advancements in Virtual Studio Technology (VST) to create limitless possibilities and give performers the next best thing to having a real world-class pianist at their disposal 24/7.

Music FUNdamentals™

This essential fundamentals course provides all the knowledge that children need when starting out with music lessons. Our revolutionary online course covers some of the key fundamentals of music theory in a fun and engaging way.