Why take private music lessons?

Online and in home music lessons

Private lessons are an essential part of music learning. Studies documenting positive effects of musical instruction on cognitive functions abound, making them an invaluable investment.

By taking private lessons, students learn how to apply their theoretical knowledge in a practical setting, but they also foster patience and give structure to their weekly routine. Music School 21 offers both online and in home music lessons.

Currently, we offer lessons in piano, voice, violin, viola, cello, guitar, and music theory.

Music School 21 teachers are qualified, recommended, and trusted.

Graduate Degrees from Accredited Institutions

Years of Experience and Advanced Degrees from Accredited Institutions

Verified Reviews

Verified Reviews

Professional Affiliations

Professional Affiliations

Certificate Programs

For those who desire to take their music instruction to the next level, Music School 21 prepares students for a variety of certificate programs.

Music School 21 Certificate Track

Tailored to the needs of aspiring young artists, our certificate track helps prepare those students who see themselves continuing their instruction past their secondary school. Our state or the art curriculum prepares and motivates students by setting clear annual goals, culminating in a comprehensive examination at the end of each academic year.

The program is divided into 10 levels, making it easy for students to enter at any point; our teachers will place students in the appropriate level, issuing a certificate after every examination.


Music School 21 works closely with some of the largest music associations in the country and abroad. As Independent Music Teacher Forum Chair, Music School 21 CEO Rok Palcic particularly values its connection to the Music Teachers National Association (MTNA) and its Virginia chapter, the VMTA. Our students have the ability to take part in all MTNA competitions and festivals.


The Associated Board of the Royal School of Music (ABRSM) is widely regarded as one of the most reputable methods of assessment. Originating in the United Kingdom, the program is available worldwide and has one of the most prolific network of educators and students.

Students who wish to participate are required to take primary instrument (or voice) as well as music theory lessons.

Testimonials from our current and past online and in home music lessons students and customers

Took acoustic guitar lessons with Thomas through Music School 21--he is an incredibly patient, understanding, knowledgable, and encouraging teacher! Even though lessons were online, Thomas had a set-up that created an optimal online lesson experience. Thanks so much to Rok and Thomas for a great music learning experience!

Caroline (Chevy Chase, MD)

Music School 21 performed a fantastic cultural arts assembly for our elementary school, students found the material truly engaging and learned a lot while gaining an appreciation for rhythm, notes, and music. The performance was superb and very well prepared.

Silvana (Vienna, VA)

Music School 21 is a great music school. We started our kids there as a way to keep them busy during the pandemic, since the school offers live online classes. Not only has it helped keep them occupied, they have shown real growth in their piano skills in a relatively short time. Their teacher is very good at keeping their attention despite the online challenges and seems to have a real knack for relating to children and communicating ideas in a way they can understand. I would highly recommend it!

Shehzad (Vienna, VA)

We had been looking for a piano teacher for a while when I found Rok's school of music. He is the 3rd piano teacher that our 8 year old daughter has had (this is just to basically show you how much we had to search till we found the right one). All what I can tell you is that our daughter was ready to give up because she was not motivated/did not enjoy piano or music.

She started with Rok a year ago and she is LOVING piano, studies EVERY single day and I have seen progress that I had not seen in any of the other years since we started 5 years ago. This is to Rok's credit. He is patient, disciplined, very knowledgeable in pedagogic methods of music but also uses his psychological skills to motivate his students adapting to their needs. I could not recommend him more.

Rosa (Bethesda, MD)

My 8-year old and teenager both take piano lessons with Rok at Chevy Chase Music and they both enjoy it very much. Rok is an expert pianist and an educator who understands kids well and can adjust to their moods and different personalities. He is also patient and flexible which we appreciate.

Diep (Washington, DC)

Rok is a fantastic teacher! He's patient yet firm when necessary. My son has improved by leaps and bounds. Most importantly, Rok makes piano fun!

Ezra (Bethesda, MD)

Why choose Music School 21?

Why choose Music School 21

Ours is one of the very few schools that specializes in online and in home music lessons, which is carried out by professionals who possess or are pursuing their doctoral degrees in education or performance. Each of our exceptional teachers has undergone an extensive selection process and possesses years of experience with students of all ages and levels. At the same time, they are kind and patient, making the learning process truly fun!

Music School 21 builds on the reputation that Chevy Chase Music LLC has established by providing online and in home music lessons in the DC metro area. Our teachers are trained, equipped, and experienced to ensure that your online or in-home music lessons proceed in the most natural, professional, and enjoyable way.

If you would like to find out more about specific instruments, please consult the following articles:

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Adult Lessons

Online and in home music lessons: which is the right choice for me?

Online or in-home lessons

Modern technology allows us to remotely interact with students with unprecdented ease, essentially allowing teachers to conduct lessons in a natural manner. While we believe that in-person lessons are an irreplaceable part of a thorough instruction, we also recognize the advancements of remote learning, which makes it finally possible interact with our exceptional teachers from the comfort and safety of your own home.

Fear not, whichever option you choose, we have the right instructor and solution for your needs! Both online and in home music lessons are taught by experienced teachers.

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Teaching Philosophy

Music Lessons and Courses, redesigned for the 21st century

Our unique curriculum has been designed by leading educators in the fields of music education, theory, and performance. We rely on established principles that have been carefully crafted over centuries of Western music education practices, but tailor them to meet the demands of modern students and their families. Our private lessons and courses, but also our blog and supplemental content, truly bring music instruction into the 21st century.

Introduce concepts

Lesson plans are created by experienced and qualified educators and tailored to the individual needs of each student. Increasingly more complex concepts are introduced through a combination of theoretical and practical application.

Oversee every step of the learning process

From introducing a new concept, to using it in a practical setting, our teachers support their students throughout the entire process.

Instill solid practice habits

Students spend large amounts of time by themselves, but our teachers foster their independence by creating detailed practice tasks and assignments for them to follow every week.

Support creativity and individuality

Every student is unique, as is the music that they create. Our teachers help bring out their creative side and promote their personal growth by embracing their uniqueness.

Evaluate progress

Music lessons are an incredible gift. Structure, discipline, independence, and creativity are just a few of the benefits, but a goal-oriented curriculum sets clear goals and allows teachers to evaluate outcomes.