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Limited-time instrument rental offer

Free instrument for the first year!*

That’s right! We know that music lessons alone can be a sizeable investment. For this reason, we will rent our instruments free of charge for a period of up to 12 months to new incoming students!

*Terms and conditions:

Offer valid for new incoming students that register for regular lessons (annual commitment) before April 30, 2022. Offer based on instrument price and availability. Please see details below.

Instruments can be pricy, and choosing the right one can be difficult. This is especially the case with young beginners that need a new instrument as they grow. If we don’t know what kind we need, we can end up trying multiple instruments before finding the right fit. And this can be costly! However, this need not be so. Instrument rental is a viable option for many families who don’t want to commit to a sizeable investment upfront when their children start taking music lessons.

Each student is different, and prices vary greatly based on age and level. However, our vast experience can give you the necessary peace of mind so that you not only purchase or rent the right instrument for your individual needs, but also don’t overspend.

Renting an instrument from Music School 21 LLC is not a requisite. We simply offer significantly discounted rates for our students as a token of our appreciation.

We also offer free instrument rentals for new students. Our free instrument rental promotion is limited to new violin, piano, viola, cello, and guitar students and subject to availability. The promotional period varies based on instrument: violin and guitar students up to 12 months, viola students up to 9 months, cello students up to 6 months, and for piano students (digital piano keyboards) up to 3 months. The length of the promotional period is based on the base price of each individual instrument. After the promotional period expires, you can choose whether to return the instrument (return costs vary based on location, currently free within 25 miles of Vienna, VA) or extend the rental.

Instrument rental insurance is not included in the promotion. The insurance cost for rented instruments is based on the value of the instrument and starts at $10/month. All of our instruments are in perfect playing condition and hand-picked by our staff based on the needs of individual students, their age, and level.

All quoted prices are for informational purposes and subject to change.


Rent a violin or guitar

Rent a violin or guitar of the size of your choice (we offer most sizes to fit the hands of all students).


Instrument Rental Viola

Rent a viola

Rent a viola of the size of your choice (we offer most sizes to fit the hands of all students).


Instrument Rental Cello

Rent a cello

Rent a cello of the size of your choice (we offer most sizes to fit the hands of all students).


Instrument Rental Keyboard

Rent a keyboard

Rent an electric keyboard. Currently this offer is available only to residents of Northern Virginia.

Instrument Rental Insurance

For your own peace of mind, we offer a comprehensive insurance that covers accidental damage to the rented instrument. Fill out the application form below to find out our current rates.

Instrument Rental Application Form

Would you like to rent an instrument? Please fill out the following form and a member of our staff will be in touch as soon as possible!