Alexandra Flinn-Palcic, Voice

Course Description

Music students, instrumentalists in particular, are taught how to use their hands and fingers to make music. Teachers teach them how to read notes, hold their hands, and everything else that is necessary to read and play their pieces or songs. However, music is something that we need to listen to in order to understand it.

Ear training is something that is often neglected, mostly because their weekly lessons are simply too short to truly implement it. Fortunately, “Ear Training with Alexandra” is the answer to this problem! Over the course of 8 weeks, students will have a chance to practice and reinforce musical concepts in a fun and engaging way, building on what they might have brushed upon with their studio teacher.

From basic melodic components to complete songs, students will learn about music notation, solfege and hand signs (Kodaly’s method), interpretation, and performance, training their ears to recognize various musical components.


Ages: 8–12
Start Date: April 1, 2022
Format: Online (via Zoom)
Course Duration: 8 weeks
Class Length: 40 minutes
Class Size: 8 (max)
Materials provided: Workbook and flash cards (download)
Required materials: Manuscript paper notebook, pencil, and eraser (estimated combined cost $10)
Price: Current Music School 21 / Chevy Chase Music students $200 for 8 classes | New students $250 for 8 classes


The course is designed for both beginners and students who take private instrumental and vocal lessons.


Students will be introduced to the following fundamental musical concepts: solmization and hand signs (the Kodaly method), scales (featuring ascending and descending stepwise motion and leaps), rhythm, notation (reading and basic writing), dynamics, and expression.

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