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Online Course

Music FUNdamentals

with Ally and Pally

Ages 6–14

Our revolutionary online course covers some of the key fundamentals of music theory in a fun and engaging way. Music is essentially a language, which means that anyone can learn it, regardless of age or level. Our dynamic duo, Ally and Pally present all concepts in a way that will certainly appeal to children aged 6–14, but older ones will find them delightful, too!

This course is aimed at beginners who are at the beginning of their learning path, but also intermediate students who feel like they might benefit from revising certain topics.

Furthermore, this theory fundamentals course perfectly complements private instrumental or vocal lessons.

12 Animated Video Lessons

Presented by Ally and Pally, our dynamic duo of extraordinary instructors.

Matching Assignments

Every lesson is accompanied by matching assignments to help students reinforce the concepts learned in the lesson.

Course Certificate

You will be able to print out a beautiful certificate to celebrate the completion of the course.

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